Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Auctions and patience

Rachel - So... you know how I told you a couple of weeks ago to buy your child a cheap toy to keep them occupied when you are out on a hunt? Well, now Cayden wants to go to "ard sales" all the time! He says, "Go to 'ard sales and get some cars! Yeah." lol Well, at least he doesn't hate yard sales. I was worried about that. I just don't want his to grow up hating yard sales, because I drag him to them constantly. I hope he will be a great hunter one day!

We went to an auction on Saturday and boy was that auctioneer slow! I thought we would never get through all of that stuff. You have to watch out for those country podunk auctions, because it might take a while. You must have patience! We went to one about 30 minutes away a couple of months ago, and the auctioneer would just start telling stories and going on and on about how this item was so valuable and nice and blah blah blah. Yah, so we won't be going back to THAT auction. I think everyone was friends there, so they got kinda distracted. I think we will just stick with our trusty ole auction down in Jackson. It is kinda podunky, but the vintage and such is reasonable and unique. And you gotta love the friendly atmosphere!

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