Friday, February 3, 2017

My Dainty, Vintage Compact Collection

Yesterday I went to an amazing estate sale, and I found two vintage compacts. Which this is a somewhat rare occurrence. I was over the moon all day! But the most exciting part is that the compacts aren't just ordinary compacts.

The Zell compact (burgundy, floral one) is shaped like an old camera (love!) and offers rouge and powder. There is also a tube thing that comes out of the top. I'm not sure what it is for.

The Coty compact is awesome cause of the aqua! And I like the little seal on the top. And it's just so tiny! 
I freaking love them! 
As for my collection, I am trying to recall how I started collecting vintage compacts. hmmm. Well anyways, I collect mostly Stratton compacts. I love these the most because of their quality and design. But I collect other brands too, even no-namers. If it's cute and dainty, odds are, I will love it.

There are a few reason why I like collecting compacts. The designs are what attract me most of all. Some designs are so ornate, and the attention to detail screams quality. Another reason is because of the mechanisms. The Stratton compacts and others have a spring-loaded plate (keeps the powder in place) that pops open when you open the compact top. This extra convenience is part of that attention to detail I was talking about. I suppose the last reason I love collecting compacts is because of how dainty and feminine they are. The romance behind them really gets to me. hehe 

What do you collect? And why do you collect it?