Monday, August 24, 2015

How a clean house will make you happier

This is totally off the subject of vintage, but happiness is important so I thought I would tell you how I feel about a clean house. Don't get me house is not always clean. I have two boys under 5, a not-so-clean husband, and a dog. It is impossible. I DO think of myself as a clean person, but not to obsession.

For me, a clean/picked-up house makes me a happier person. Just walking into my bedroom and seeing a made bed makes me think, "Oh that's nice." You might think me silly, but I like to see pretty things. When my house is a disaster, it makes me stressed-out and irritable. So I try to keep my house picked up all the time.

Let me explain what I mean by "picked-up." The one thing I can't live with is dirty dishes laying all around the house. That is one thing, mentally, I can't deal with. So I am always cleaning up dishes. As for laundry, which I hate, I try to get it done on Mondays. It's not like I picked that day to do it, I just got into a habit of doing it the first day Zach goes back to work for the week. THE TOYS...they can't be avoided. There are always toys on the floor. Of course, I want my children to be happy so I let them play with their toys wherever. And I let them get into certain things (ie my plastic container drawer for food storage) to learn and explore. To keep these said toys at bay, if you will, Cayden and I will clean them up right before Daddy/Zach gets home. Every man (I have met) likes a clean house to come home to.

Am I rambling...I think I am.

I could go on about bathrooms and organization, but I think you get the gist.

SO! This week just try keeping your house picked-up a little more. You will feel more accomplished and happier. And your partner will love it and will appreciate you for all your hard work. I just love when Zach praises me on how great the house looks. It's the little things...

Thursday, August 6, 2015

A Silly Verse About Yard Selling

I walk up the lane and take in a wondrous vision. 
So many different things. I am on a mission!

I remind myself not to show my pleasure, 
but I'm jumping inside at the site of these treasures.

Slowly I gaze and wonder around some more. 
Oh look! Oh my! It's milk glass galore!

Another and another. I have found so many things
to fill my spirit. It's as if I had wings.

Walking away, I smile with satisfaction.
I MUST keep going. Its such an attraction. 

-Rachel Harvey

Monday, August 3, 2015

Finished Foyer (Almost)

So it has taken me quite a while to finish my foyer. Mostly because I don't like to paint walls. (It had an awful faux finish that made it look kinda dirty.) I've put it off till I couldn't stand it anymore! I do that quite often. NOW, It is painted and somewhat decorated. I say "somewhat" because I probably will add more once I find the perfect pieces, as in, the right shape, color, and size pieces.

Anyways, I am writing this post to tell you about a great website where you can print off high-quality nature paintings for free!

John James Audubon was an amazing artist who painted all kinds of birds in a very natural and eye-catching way. I just looove his style! All you have to do to print these great paintings to to subscribe to the email list. Easy peasy! Here is the link . . .

I used two of his paintings in my foyer and I will probably use more around the house.

NOW on to the items I chose and their budget-friendly prices! I like to share the price of things I've found so you can see that it is so easy to decorate on a budget. Just be patient and keep searching. You WILL find great things you can use to decorate with! Everything in this foyer was under $12 each! Check out this list...

1. Picture frames - $7 each from Ikea
2. Vintage Sewing table - $10 (It got a fresh coat of paint too)
3. Refurbished Lamp - $12
4. Yard Sale Orchid(faux) - $2 
5. 1/2 off Wreath - $12
6. Yard sale rug - $3 (Threw it into the washer. Good as new.)
7. Coat Stand (not pictured) - $10
8. Bird Prints - Free
9. I got the basket and violin case at an estate sale. I don't remember the cost, but I know they weren't over $10.
10. Woven Bag - Had it for years and can't remember the cost. It was stored in a closet.

I accumulated all these things over 6 months or so. Patients and persistence is the key. I'll post more pics when it is completely finished. At least it is pleasing to look at, for now. 

Tip - That empty violin case hides the lamp cord and outlet.