Monday, January 21, 2013

The Lull of Winter

Zach and I have been aching for some good auctions, estate sales, and yard sales. We had forgotten what winter brings...nothing, a lull in vintage snagging. It is quite sad. Of course, we find things here and there at thrift shops and such, but it is not like the massive snagging we do in the spring and summer. Oh spring, how I love thee! I am dying for spring to get here for more reasons than one. Let me give you a list of reasons, if you are interested...
It's pretty and fun for about five minutes!

1. It's spring. Who doesn't like spring!
2. We are building a pergola and patio on the back of our house. YAYYY!
3. More, more vintage galore
4. Gardening. We love to make our yard b-e-a-u-tiful.
5. The warmer weather. I am from Florida. I love the heat.
6. No more winter downers. If you are like me, the winter just gets you down and lazy.

So those are the top reasons why I can't wait for spring to get here! What are your reasons?

Last year's Easter egg hunting

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