Friday, March 8, 2013

Inspired: 1950's Dress

I am starting this new blog series, called Inspired. VERY often I get inspired to try something new and fun. And when this happened, it is the only thing on my mind for days, until I get it done. I get kinda obsessed when I'm inspired, and needless to say, it can drive Zach a little nuts. BUT he is the same way! Anyways, this is my first "Inspired" post!
I have always wanted to make a dress. I did make a jumper in high school, but I don't count that. Fear and maybe a little bit of laziness are the reasons I have not made a dress. BUT! I am doing it now. I was inspired when one of my friends pinned a blog about making dresses out of vintage sheets. They are simply adorable! Look to the left. :)

So I checked out Hobby Lobby for patterns, and they did not have anything that I liked, so I went to Etsy. I knew I would find something there, and I did. YAY!

Looove! I am going to make the plaid one, but with a floral print fabric and probably without the bow. I looove bows, but I don't think I like the placement on the dress. Look at the back, isn't it adorbs (as my sis would put it)! Can't wait to get started. I will let you know how it turns out, and I will take pictures if it is good. Wish me luck!