Thursday, January 26, 2017

Another place for you to score great vintage

Vintage Lawnware Lamp - $17
As you know, Zach and I love going to auctions. They are exhilarating! If you have not gone to one yet, I'm telling you, you are missing out.

But there is another place to find vintage, and that is online auctions. There is this auction house here in Fayetteville that used to hold live auctions, but they have recently changed to online auctions only. At first, I did not like the change. The live auctions are so much funner, and bidding online is kinda like ebay. But I realized after the fact that it is so much easier and cheaper and faster! Well, at least this online auction. I have found that not many people know about regional online auctions. This can make things cheaper. So check out your area for online auctions. This is a great site to find them!

Vintage Mid-century Side Table - $9 (excuse my pack)

I just thought Lennon's face was funny in this pic. hehe

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