Sunday, May 27, 2012

Melrose Place

I have soooo much to tell yall! Our trip to West Virginia was a blast, and we found sooo many treasures. I didn't think they would all fit in the car, but Zach made it work. I was very impressed! 

The first time we went to WV we shopped by this junk/antique store. It was closed, so I called the number in the window. The owner came and met us out there twice that week so we could do some hunting. We found tons! The place was packed top to bottom with everything you can think of. 

Anyways, we went back there this time and there was no number in the window to call. Oh no! So we asked the older lady that lived next door, no luck. And we asked around at some other antique places, still no luck. Hmmm. "Let's leave a note in the door," I say. The neighbor said the owner stops by the place every once in a while. All week we were worried we would not get in there. lol (that sentence had so many w's) We kept checking to see if our note was still there. Finally, on Friday she CALLED! YAY! Again, we found tons! And this time, we knew a lot more of what to look for. Welp, that is just one of our stories from the week. I'll be back later to tell you more.

Melrose Place

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Valuable yard sale finds

It's funny how we go to these yard sales and we find things that we think are going to be worth gold. But then we bring it home and research the internet and it's worth a good bit, but not gold. Then, after we look up "the gold stuff," we look up the other treasures that we found but weren't reallllly excited about, and they they ARE worth gold. LOL 

For instance, I found this Cathrine Holm enamel coffee pot at a yard sale. I didn't know anything about this maker before. I just saw it and thought it was cool and mid-century looking. I started researching the maker online and my eyebrows go up. OMG Her enamelware is very sought-after and rare. SCORE!

I love learning about new vintage brands and makers. I always look them up on Wikipedia and read about how they got started and their whole life story. I bet these people never dreamed back then that their product would be so collectible now. 

So remember Cathrine Holm when you go out yard selling. I know I will!

Monday, May 14, 2012

The joys of estate sales

We went yard selling/estate selling on Saturday. We arrived at this one estate sale a little early, so we decide to walk up to the house and see if maybe they will let us in. The first thing the lady says to me when we walk up is "We don't open till ten" in a snooty voice. I smile and say, "Ok." (Tip- no matter how rude people can be, kill 'em with kindness. They might give you some good deals) Anyways, I am telling you about this estate sale because the house was HUGE. From the outside it looked like a 1800 sqft home, but it just kept going and going. This maze of a house was more like 3000 sqft. Annnnd it was made in the 1970s and not updated. LOVE! The architecture...well... they just don't make houses like that anymore. hhhh

There was about 15 people waiting to get in when they opened. I expected people to run in, but nope. No running. I did walk briskly. I say, Be aggressive! (not rude, there is a difference) But who cares if you look like an idiot when you are going to get the good stuff. Its not like these people will ever see you again. And besides, you will regret it later if you lose some great finds just because you were being shy. GO GET THE GOOD STUFF!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Yard sale tip

Of course, I have been going to yard sales every weekend lately, and I have found that the community ones can be all or nothing. I have a rule when going to community yard sales; when you go to three houses and don't find a thing, move on. Don't waste your time weaving in and out of the cars in the neighborhood when you are not finding anything. There is nothing more frustrating when cars are parked on both sides of the street and you can't get by. Yard selling is supposed to be fun and enjoyable. And going to dud yard sales is not fun! 

Older homes/neighborhoods are great! And when you see that older folks own the home, you prrrobably will find something. Older people, of course, will have older stuff.

Don't be scared of being aggressive and friendly to the sellers. Last week, I was told of this really great yard sale. It was rainy out, but I still went. I drove up to their house and noticed that no one was outside and all the stuff was covered in plastic. I saw some things I wanted, so I knocked on the door. I almost didn't, but I am glad I did. The sellers (who were older folks) were really nice, and they gave me some great deals. I just wish I had gone the first day they were out. They said they did really well the first day. Oh well, I always have to remind myself that there will be others.

I got this table at that yard sale! Love!!!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Auctions and patience

Rachel - So... you know how I told you a couple of weeks ago to buy your child a cheap toy to keep them occupied when you are out on a hunt? Well, now Cayden wants to go to "ard sales" all the time! He says, "Go to 'ard sales and get some cars! Yeah." lol Well, at least he doesn't hate yard sales. I was worried about that. I just don't want his to grow up hating yard sales, because I drag him to them constantly. I hope he will be a great hunter one day!

We went to an auction on Saturday and boy was that auctioneer slow! I thought we would never get through all of that stuff. You have to watch out for those country podunk auctions, because it might take a while. You must have patience! We went to one about 30 minutes away a couple of months ago, and the auctioneer would just start telling stories and going on and on about how this item was so valuable and nice and blah blah blah. Yah, so we won't be going back to THAT auction. I think everyone was friends there, so they got kinda distracted. I think we will just stick with our trusty ole auction down in Jackson. It is kinda podunky, but the vintage and such is reasonable and unique. And you gotta love the friendly atmosphere!