Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Valuable yard sale finds

It's funny how we go to these yard sales and we find things that we think are going to be worth gold. But then we bring it home and research the internet and it's worth a good bit, but not gold. Then, after we look up "the gold stuff," we look up the other treasures that we found but weren't reallllly excited about, and they they ARE worth gold. LOL 

For instance, I found this Cathrine Holm enamel coffee pot at a yard sale. I didn't know anything about this maker before. I just saw it and thought it was cool and mid-century looking. I started researching the maker online and my eyebrows go up. OMG Her enamelware is very sought-after and rare. SCORE!

I love learning about new vintage brands and makers. I always look them up on Wikipedia and read about how they got started and their whole life story. I bet these people never dreamed back then that their product would be so collectible now. 

So remember Cathrine Holm when you go out yard selling. I know I will!

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