Monday, November 3, 2014

Embracing Natural Decor

So lately I have been trying to decorate with things from the outdoors. There are so many lovely, unique things you can use from nature.

For instance, Cayden and I made these wonderful ornaments from things we found outside. I want a more rustic tree this year to match the house, and I did not want to spend a ton to redecorate for Christmas.

Check out this lovely, wintery floral arrangement, created with just an old pitcher and some branches from an evergreen tree outside. Free and festive! 

It doesn't take an artsy brain to create these decorations, just some time and a little research. Research really helps in coming up with unique and inexpensive decorations. When you research more and more, you will eventually come up with things you never thought you would before. Some of these ideas are not my own, but when I come up with something all by myself, it becomes extra special. A little childish, I know, but it's just my humanity coming out.

Acorn floating candles in the bathroom

I made this star with
fire wood scraps and twine.