Sunday, May 27, 2012

Melrose Place

I have soooo much to tell yall! Our trip to West Virginia was a blast, and we found sooo many treasures. I didn't think they would all fit in the car, but Zach made it work. I was very impressed! 

The first time we went to WV we shopped by this junk/antique store. It was closed, so I called the number in the window. The owner came and met us out there twice that week so we could do some hunting. We found tons! The place was packed top to bottom with everything you can think of. 

Anyways, we went back there this time and there was no number in the window to call. Oh no! So we asked the older lady that lived next door, no luck. And we asked around at some other antique places, still no luck. Hmmm. "Let's leave a note in the door," I say. The neighbor said the owner stops by the place every once in a while. All week we were worried we would not get in there. lol (that sentence had so many w's) We kept checking to see if our note was still there. Finally, on Friday she CALLED! YAY! Again, we found tons! And this time, we knew a lot more of what to look for. Welp, that is just one of our stories from the week. I'll be back later to tell you more.

Melrose Place

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