Monday, June 4, 2012

Top-notch Flea Market

This is one of the great flea markets I love going to in West Virginia. It is held at a drive-in movie theatre. That morning we got up at 6am. We are NOT morning people, but for the love of vintage we got up early. We stopped at a gas station to get breakfast on the way. Yay! Gas station breakfast! JK Yuck! But I do love Honey Buns! Anyways, when we got there the sellers weren't even all set up yet. We walked around the place once, and then we went and sat in the car until all the sellers were up and ready. Of course, there were sellers who thought their stuff was worth gold, and others who thought their stuff was worth dirt and I thought it was gold. lol The joys of hunting. It was more like a huge yard sale, considering the prices and all. And this flea market wasn't one of those Chinese merch ones. Thank God! I'm telling you, the North is the place to go to find good old stuff. The backwoods North to be exact! 

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