Friday, June 15, 2012

huh...Used bedding is ok!

I used to be against buying used bedding, but vintage bedding is so much cuter and cheaper than the new ones you find in the stores. Of course the quality for the price is better too. I figured, I buy used clothes... I wash them and they are as good as new. So why not used bedding... I will definitely wash my bedding in HOT water, just for peace of mind.

So I am redecorating my guest room, and I always start off with picking out the bedding first. I let it be my inspiration. I found this adorable vintage chenille bedspread on Etsy for only $48 with shipping. It is unique and ADORABLE! Now I just need to go to the thrift store and buy some cute floral pillow cases and sheets. Mix and match, Girls, mix and match! I can't wait to show you my new guest room. It might be a few months, though.

This is the chenille bedspread I got on Etsy,
but this is not my bed or room.

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