Monday, August 3, 2015

Finished Foyer (Almost)

So it has taken me quite a while to finish my foyer. Mostly because I don't like to paint walls. (It had an awful faux finish that made it look kinda dirty.) I've put it off till I couldn't stand it anymore! I do that quite often. NOW, It is painted and somewhat decorated. I say "somewhat" because I probably will add more once I find the perfect pieces, as in, the right shape, color, and size pieces.

Anyways, I am writing this post to tell you about a great website where you can print off high-quality nature paintings for free!

John James Audubon was an amazing artist who painted all kinds of birds in a very natural and eye-catching way. I just looove his style! All you have to do to print these great paintings to to subscribe to the email list. Easy peasy! Here is the link . . .

I used two of his paintings in my foyer and I will probably use more around the house.

NOW on to the items I chose and their budget-friendly prices! I like to share the price of things I've found so you can see that it is so easy to decorate on a budget. Just be patient and keep searching. You WILL find great things you can use to decorate with! Everything in this foyer was under $12 each! Check out this list...

1. Picture frames - $7 each from Ikea
2. Vintage Sewing table - $10 (It got a fresh coat of paint too)
3. Refurbished Lamp - $12
4. Yard Sale Orchid(faux) - $2 
5. 1/2 off Wreath - $12
6. Yard sale rug - $3 (Threw it into the washer. Good as new.)
7. Coat Stand (not pictured) - $10
8. Bird Prints - Free
9. I got the basket and violin case at an estate sale. I don't remember the cost, but I know they weren't over $10.
10. Woven Bag - Had it for years and can't remember the cost. It was stored in a closet.

I accumulated all these things over 6 months or so. Patients and persistence is the key. I'll post more pics when it is completely finished. At least it is pleasing to look at, for now. 

Tip - That empty violin case hides the lamp cord and outlet. 

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