Wednesday, April 18, 2012

West Virginia Baby!

Rachel - We are psyched about going to West Virginia next month! Zach's parents live up there, and we went to visit them last fall. Realizing that it is like heaven for vintage pickers up there, we have been counting the days till we get to go visit again! There is so much great vintage in W. Virginia, and the prices are CRAZY cheap! When we where there last time, we hunted for vintage almost every day!

The only problem is...we only have our little Honda Civic to bring our treasures home in. So the plan is for all of us to pack in ONE suit case. haha. I can't bring shoes for every outfit, and Zach can't bring every pair of jeans he owns... oh and Cayden can't bring every car he owns either! And SMALLS, smalls are the only things we can buy. Think smallssss! It will be hard, but maybe the next time we go up there we will have a van! Wishing, hoping, prayingggggg for a van. Not a family van, but a cargo one or maybe something like The Mystery Machine (Scooby Doo).

We might do some sight-seeing too, but only if there are thrift/junk stores along the way!

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