Friday, March 7, 2014

Lennon's Vintage Camping Nursery

So the theme for Lennon's room is "Vintage Camping". I love how it turned out. Unique and repurposed. My inspirational piece for this room was the rustic rocking chair and stool. I bought it in Florida long before Lennon was even thought of. Can you believe I got it at a thrift store in excellent condition for only 50 bucks? Score!

A lot of the items in the room I had around the house. And others items, Zach and I put together. Zach made me that wonderful bookshelf. I was inspired by one I saw on Pinterest, and Zach just whipped it up. He just knows exactly what I envision. I love that about him. Anyways, I painted some stripes on the paddles and the finishing touch was the map hung by some rope.

Almost everything in this room was used, except the curtains, rug, and a few decor items. The used items I bought from thrift stores, estate sales, and yard sales. It just came together so easily, with some help from Pinterest. :)

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