Thursday, February 27, 2014

Zach The Craftsman

I knew Zach was creative and talented when we got married, but the things he can do with wood are amazing! I am not being biased; this is fact!

He makes me all sorts of things. I know he loves me or maybe he just loves making things, both I think.'s a tip to get your significant other to make things for you:
1. Ask nicely, with maybe a kiss.
2. Show him pictures of your ideas. Really inspire and encourage him. Get him excited!
3. Ask him what ideas he has and how he would put it together. Show interest in the construction. Men love to show off their smarts and skills.

This is not manipulation, ladies. It is creatively inspiring your man to show off his manliness.

Anyways, here are the things Zach has made. I helped with the design parts and a little painting.

Oak Coffee Table to match my Farmhouse Table
Children's Bookshelf
Measuring Cup Holder
Rustic Farmhouse Table and Matching Bench (He made this for someone, and I wanted to keep it soooo bad)

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