Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Up and Running...

Welp, our Etsy shop is up and running again. The year 2014 was a crazy year of selling/buying a house, among other things. BUT we finally got settled in our new abode and our life has slowed down a bit. So up the shop goes! YAY! I will be adding new items weekly so check back in every now and then to see if something sparks your fancy.

I haven't really given you a proper tour of the new house and all its originality. It is OOAK (one of a kind), which I love! It really is perfect for us and our two boys. Woodsy, Private, and Spacious. And it has a wrap-around-porch. I have always wanted a wrap-around-porch!

Hello Harvey Haven!

We so believe we were meant to have this wonderful house. House buying and selling isn't easy, but everything seemed to fall into place with this house. It was the second house we looked at, and we already knew we loved it from seeing it online. Zach and I still talk about how we can't believe we live here.

Back Porch
At first I thought all the wood would drive me crazy, but I find all the knots and beams interesting to look at. Another great thing is how rustic it is. I can be a perfectionist at times, especially with quality. For instance, at our old house some of the molding didn't match up perfectly, and that always bothered me. But with this house, it doesn't matter if the molding matches up, because it is rustic! And talk about the durability...especially with little boys going crazy constantly. It was meant to be!

Anyways, in the future I'll be posting new pics of completely decorated rooms. It might take a while, but it will get done! I love making my house a home for my beloved family!

Good-bye First House!

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