Friday, September 28, 2012

The Perfect Estate Sale

My life-saver!
I just have to tell yall about the estate sale I went to today. It's hard to find a good one, but this one was excellent.

I had plenty of fruit snacks for Cayden, so he was set to just follow me around and eat his snack. As I walk in, I notice everything is well organized and priced. Almost immediately I find something. YAY! I am walking around with things in my hands trying to find a worker to ask if I can start a pile somewhere, when a worker approaches me. She says, "Let me help you," and then led me to the garage where they had shelves with a sign that said,"On hold." They had tons of shelves where you can place your finds and then go get more. GENIUS! I have never seen that before. It was great! So I kept going back and forth. Find something, go put it on the self...find...shelf. And Cayden just kept following me around while stuffing his mouth. lol. 

What a great experience! They have 50% off on Sunday, so I am definitely going back!

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